Scale / Measure

From the atom and subatomic particles, to the universe or cosmos, there is such a immanse distance that we can hardly refer to them from a scientific or metaphysical point of view.

The effect of scale on people moves in very narrow ranges, around what today is often called the living space. Within that living space or its closest environment, the scale of things is something so fundamental that it can alter our perception and make a place something inhospitable or something comfortable; so that the scale is finally associated with the idea of comfort, however and by not separating ourselves from the artistic spectrum, on many occasions what is intended is to create emotion, surprise, excite, generate intensity or force a situation away from comfort but that can also be interesting or evocative. This is what scale is for.

 It is inevitable to make a mention of the regulatory saturation that tries to strangle any hint of creativity, God forgive them.
"From the measure, a personal voice is imposed on creation, hardly without the expense of what has come to be called inspiration. It acts from a certain invisibility or lack of appearance. And so comes the true measure: imposed as an impression or glaze that is perceived, very especially, in the works of the great authors where nothing measures exactly what it should; where the measure is an invention that defeats the invention of the form "
Luis Martínez Santa María (b.1960)