Inspiration does not have a preconceived starting point, it has no limits ... however, there are sources of inspiration from which to feed. In order to understand our creative base, we are going to refer to some of them:

Conceptual Inspiration (Conceptual House) .- Building inspired by abstract concepts such as wind, shadow, water, vegetation, sun, cosmos, infinity ... or in concrete concepts such as materials, colors, metals, minerals, woods, glass, leather, fabrics, textures, etc ...

Organic Inspiration (Organic House) .- Building inspired by organic forms found in nature, such as fossils, corals, animals, shells, skeletons, shells, scales, etc. Or geometries referring to elements, cultures, etc ...

Sensorial Inspiration (Sensorial House) .- Building inspired by the soul or spirituality of elements such as the sea, waves, the forest ... or metaphorical references to art, movement, music, sculpture, painting ... etc.

To bring together all the tributaries of thought in a single term, we have decided to call this Project and in general each of its creations "Poetic houses", since everything else can be covered from the poetics of space.
“My clients are all individuals with a lot of personality; if not, they would not come to me; they would simply do what the “status quo” imposes: the conventional. My solutions are not conventional at all ”.
John Lautner (1911-1994)

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