“Some think that the purpose of meditation is to be able to control stress, to disconnect, to get away from it all. While the above is partially true, the real purpose of meditation is to connect, not to get away from it all. On the contrary, it is being in touch with everything. Not only de-stress, but also, find that inner peace. That peace of which spiritual traditions speak and that surpasses any understanding. So meditation is a way of entering the space between thoughts. Human beings have one thought after another leaving a very small space between each one. "                                                                                                                                                           Deepak Chopra

In nature there are infinite spaces suitable for meditation, feeding the spirit and stripping it of mundane emotions. The architecture thought from meditation creates spaces that generate environments conducive to reflection, introspection and healing, where the human mind through the effect of different sensory experiences can glimpse its interior and, from there, project itself outwards and connect with the world.
“I think one of the most noticeable developments is that you no longer feel the compulsive need to argue or justify things. We are much more willing to admit that some things are instinctive and others are intellectual. ”
Rem Koolhaas (b.1944)