"Poetic Houses" was born in response to the absence of aesthetic reflection, the lack of a creative basis, the absence of theoretical, spatial and tectonic values linked to art and architecture in the current production and promotion of residential buildings on the Costa del Sol.

It is not about creating a product to compete with the development of current luxury homes or villas generated by the real estate market.

What we propose is a unique new concept far from the formal monotony of the current mass housing and commercialism.
In Architecture, creating something - not just building, but creating something - requires value and risk, moving into areas not so well known, taking a step forward. If you stay in your everyday lifestyle, just building buildings without thinking why you build them and without questioning yourself, then you will be creating buildings without problems but also without questions. To do creative architecture you have to go one step further, and then that implies raising problems and also some important questions. Then, as an architect, you have to solve the problems and answer the questions to complete the move forward. "

"Living artists are very courageous. They are always ahead of their time. We must meet them advancing as well. We have to share that fear of challenging the world. Fear is a way to measure our capabilities, understand fear and solve problems without being reckless. If you have the courage to go forward, and some experience, you are not likely to fail. "
Tadao Ando (b.1941)

It is NOT a CATALOG of products!