E.G.E. We will start from a germinal element (E.G.E.) whether physical or immaterial, spiritual or intellectual.

Study. We will delve into the different ways this E.G.E. appears in nature or in our minds directly, as well as its relationship with the environment and its impact.

Analysis. Its qualities, its character and its circumstances will be analyzed to extract its essence and later convert it into spaces and forms, into Architecture.

Actors. The previous action will be proposed to the collaborating artists selected for the Work, and these also generate their Idea of creation. (painter, poet, sculptor, photographer, virtual artist ...)

Artistic brainstorming. This meeting will give unity to the entire Work, enrich it, transform it and make it unrepeatable, sincere, forceful and impressive.

Size. Once the stone is chosen, we will carve it into an architectural work of art endowed with functionality and spirituality.

History. It will be time to tell your story, for this a film production will be made. (development, script, pre-production, production and post-production). It will be a short of 2 minutes maximum.

Engineering. At this stage the structure and facilities of the Work will be projected. This will cause adjustments and some transformations that we will always focus on further enhancing the essence of the E.G.E.

Building. The decision to manage the work with people directly linked to PROJECT MANAGEMENT instead of hiring an external construction company, is motivated by the need to control creation at all times and lead all movements to success with absolute diligence and dedication.

Outcome. Linked to the Business Idea that is germinating throughout the entire process. We do not compete with the conventional real estate market. Our product is linked to art.
"I consider Architecture, like in cinema, as a cooperative structure, with several fathers, mothers, children, grandparents ...", "... a multiform protein team that generates a creative itinerary ...", " It has been rightly said that discussion is the not impossible way to get to the truth. Or to the lie, I would say. "
J.D. Fullaondo (1936-1994)

WE LEARN from everyone