Mahkameh Rezai Alishahi, b. Tehran 1977
Daughter of Mohsen and Shahin.
Computer Engineer from the University of Shahid Beheshti. (Tehran) Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.(Malaga)
When I was a Little girl, I used to bring to our holiday house in the north of Iran all the critters and animals that I found playing on the shores of the Caspian Sea and its surrounding forests ..., the complicity of my father and the patience of my mother allowed to feed my love for the nature and the feeling of freedom that has attached to it. This passion, over the years, has made me aware that human beings can improve the world, starting by improving their way of life, their way of eating and their habits, as well as understanding that respect for the environment and towards our body and our health is the key to creating beauty and enjoying it. My education as a Computer Engineer and my knowledge about artificial intelligence, leaded them towards the optimization of resources and towards the search for efficiency in developments, with a clear objective, which is to promote good health in psychological, physical and emotional states. Being part of this project is my way of contributing to merge architecture and nature from the poetics, contributing my vision from the love I feel for both.

José Antonio Mota Cerezuela, b. Malaga 1970
Son of José Antonio and Antonia.
Architect by the E.T.S.A.M, 2002. (Madrid)
If I had to choose a word to express my approach to life, I would probably choose the word "competition". This competition does not have to do with a dispute to occupy a place ahead of others, but rather it is a fight with myself. I have always struggled to improve, to explore my limits and thus achieve my goals. The level of excellence is only reached by having a healthy and competitive spirit. I love sports and I have transmitted this love to my daughters, the love of effort, the importance of having objectives and goals, and above all having sportsmanship in every stake in life; I know that it is something that they already carry inside and that is why I can feel like a proud father. I have seen architecture from all its trenches, which has allowed me to develop a practical instinct capable of solving any technical difficulty, however complex it may seem. I share the ambition and the dream of changing architecture, stripping it of conventions and turning it into a permanent challenge in search of spaces and beauty.

Isidro Gallego Domínguez, b. Malaga 1972
Son of Isidro and Ana.
Architect by E.T.S.A.M, 1998. (Madrid)
I remember the mud from the works on my father's shoes ... I remember the clay of the sculptures in my mother's hands ... When I was a child, I wanted to be an architect to help my father with the works, I thought that it must be dangerous and that my duty was to be there to protect him. When I was a little older, with the inspiring help of my mother, I began to draw, to paint, to create things in a somewhat arbitrary way until that habit became a vital necessity. At 18, I came to Madrid. My first day of class I thought that perhaps I had aimed too high with that of doing Architecture ... but then the second day arrived and when I saw that this panic was something general, I began to feel part of it, and I understood that sacrifice was the only one path. Soon that sacrifice translated into satisfaction; the satisfaction of knowing in your hands the possibility of creating, dreaming and building ..., although for that I could never get away from intensity, discipline and obsession, blessed obsession. I feel the deep need to create, to find the way to develop everything that is constantly born in my mind.