The current imaginary is infinite, and although we do not intend to copy anyone, we do want to learn from everyone and seek sources of inspiration. A series of Links is attached to some of our Pinterest albums, where we have selected suggestive images linked to our line of thought or that have moved us at some point.
                                               Album Poetics
                                               Album Architectures
                                               Album Interesting Houses
                                               Album Architextures
                                    Album Structures
                                               Album Materials    
                                               Album Housing

                                               Album Stairs
                                               Album Pools
                                               Album Hybrid Spaces
                                     Album Sacro Spaces
                                    Album Concept Art
                                    Album Drawings
                                              Album Faces

                                    Album Persia

The power to create is never given to us by itself. It arrives at par with the gift of observation. And the true creator can be recognized by his ability to find around him, in the most ordinary and humble thing, elements that are worth noting. "
Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)