The "Poetic Houses" Philosophy advocates an architectural vision based on the combination of daring structures, artisanal construction, emotional, artistic, physical and natural elements that will allow to put into practice each Idea with creativity, coherence and expressiveness, with a unique target , increase the quality of life not only from comfort but from spirituality.

To be able to carry out this fascinating Project, we need people with open minds, capable of understanding life forms without conventional delimitation. It is not about building houses and selling them on the real estate market, but about making an architectural artwork, unique and unrepeatable, such as works of art.

Unfailingly, how and who to invite to share this idea also requires an imagination far away from conventional marketing. It is essential to know how to detect and focus our efforts on people with the ability to understand their value.

You have to have a major total idea, if you don't have an idea, you don't have architecture; very few people seem to know this, all they have are combinations… ”. 
John Lautner (1911-1994)

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