The Gallego & Mota Architecture studio was born at the end of 2005. After seven years of separate profesional work, Isidro Gallego Domínguez and José Antonio Mota Cerezuela decided to join forces and qualities to face Architecture as a team. This was one of their wishes since they studied architecture together at the Madrid School of Architecture.
Both consider themselves as sons of this School, Carved out in the effort and the belief that Architecture is a creative act that can improve our lives, in the conviction that nothing is impossible if you believe in it it.
Collegiate members of the Official College of Architects of Málaga since 1998.
There are many projects that have remained on paper, many failed competitions, but also many projects that after more than 23 years of career give them the necessary professional experience to face any scale and project entity and carry it out with technical and creative solvency.
The specialty of our architecture studio is creativity, effort, technical capacity and management of both Urban Planning and Building works, with special emphasis on Special Designs.
For all this we have a team of collaborators capable of the best, both in the calculation of structures, engineering and facilities as well as in the sensory and visual field.
In 2019, Mahkameh Rezai Alishahi joined the team, with the idea of carrying out an ambitious project called Poetic Houses. The year of the pandemic, in our case, has been the opportunity to create the Poetic Houses Brand and work on the web content that explains the philosophy of the future buildings that we hope to be able to carry out from this thought.


"By its very nature, poetry is, indeed, what best responds to the idea of beauty in art and to the idea of artistic work, since the poetic imagination is not limited in its creations by the specific character of the representation materials; the true object of poetry is the infinite empire of the spirit ”.
Nicolas Boileau (1636-1711)

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