Container and Content
Our attitude of tension towards what enriches us, makes us move in search of places, spaces, people and objects that serve as source of inspiration.
People always talk about Continent (building) and Content, as a simplification of what sorrounds us, we live in a box and inside that box there are material things that we use or not.
Poetic Houses flees from that reductive thought, we are going to expand and interpret those meanings, so that for us:
The continent is a form, a matter that must convey solidity, lightness, precision, beauty, expression, emotion, meaning, essence ...
The content will be everything that is not form and that transmits spatial and sensory qualities capable of enriching the quality of life.
"Man settled on the firm ground of culture, understanding by culture rather than baggage, an attitude: tension, the diaphanous openness of the spirit to what is convenient for the spirit."
Alberto Humanes on Juan Daniel Fullaondo (1936-1994).

LUXURY must be seen as
the EXPERIENCE of the sublime