Metamorphosis is an intervention in an existing building based on its Architectural Transformation. This action goes beyond what is understood by reform or rehabilitation of homes or buildings, it is a commitment to architectural evolution in which the potential and expectations of the building in question and its use are analyzed, in order to propose a transformation that brings new qualities and meanings to it.
Society evolves towards the acceptance of architecture as an integral part of our identity. There is a need for the spaces in which we manage our lives to stop being an inert component and to start enhancing our experiences, activities, sensations and illusions. Architecture turned into a stimulus, an incentive and even an image of ourselves and our achievements.
Opting for confidence in creative capacity, sensitivity, reflection and architectural intuition is the best guarantee of success compared to mere productive activity.
"Architecture must be capable of capturing immaterial elements, it must offer a retreat and union with nature, the climate, the seasons, the light, the place ..." 

                                   Inspired by conversations with Renzo Piano (n.1937) 
There are inert buildings, without a soul, that offer nothing more than walls and a program of uses. Metamorphosis proposes a Transformation that turns these constructions into Architecture.
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