We live in a kind of collective amnesia, we seem to have forgotten what things were created for and what forms they have taken throughout history to express different feelings.

Let’s use the example of the doors to make this reflection understood in a few words. We have chosen the text of L.M. Santa María in this regard, as it seems very suggestive, inviting us to reflect on the different meanings that a door has based on its configuration, its position, its scale, its composition, its operation, its movement, its space functional, its drive system, its weight, its strength, its degree of tightness, its acoustic insulation, its safety, its material, its color ...

It is true that in a conventional building, prefabricated and standard elements are usually used, and although there are many products of undoubted quality and perfectly usable even referring to an artistic work, the truth is that it must be chosen from reflection and study, without fear to its modification or even to create "ad hoc" elements if necessary.
" The doors of the houses, the interior doors, not only serve to limit one room in relation to another, but also to present them, to collect the framed room. Due to the door, entering the room would have that effect, it would offer that miracle that we once read in some narrative, of entering a painting, of becoming part of something delicately framed "
Luis Martínez Santa María (b.1960)